Shaft flap wheel making machine

Shaft flap wheel making machine


Mounted flap wheel scope: Outer diameter 25-80mm, thickness 20-50mm.
Feeding flap: Flaps length: 1-30mm (can be adjusted online), flaps width: 20-50mm.
Controlling: Digital display and program control.
Size: Main machine: 800*560*820mm.
Weight: 630kgs
Power: 2KW.
Certificate: CE


Yihong mounted flap wheel making machine can be used for producing mounted flap wheel with different diameter and height. It adopts Delta PLC automatic control, high quality material structure, which guarantee the efficiency and consistency of the production. Auto positioning, auto feeding, auto cut and put flaps, with high cutting precision. Flaps number can be customized, according to the teeth number of the steel mold.

Suitable for
  • For mounted flap wheel/ spindle wheel/ shft flap wheel making.

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