Cut Off Wheel For Non-Ferrous Metals

Cut Off Wheel For Non-Ferrous Metals


Material abrasives: Aluminum oxide A
suitable for: non-ferrous metals
Hardness: N(soft)
Grain size: 24 or 30 (according to ISO 8486)
Bore diameter: 22.23 mm Dimensions (DxT/UxH):150mm x 1.2mmx 22.23mm
Operating speed: 80m/s
EN designation:42-A-24-N-BF-80 or 42-A-30-N-BF- 80(according to EN 12413)


Separation efficiency for maximum efficiency and very long lifetime.
The binding of the cutting disc is a fiber-reinforced resin bond with tissue

Suitable for
  • The cutting wheel is suitable for the machining of tough and hard non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, etc. and allows the separation of sheet metal, profiles and solid material.

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