X-LOCK Fiberglass Backing Pad

X-LOCK Fiberglass Backing Pad


Material: fiberglass fabric, glue, X-lock metal ring
Surface: Fiberglass Cloth, Black Paper/Non-woven Cloth,OEM label
Type:T27, T28,T29,OEM Label
Size: 105mm, 107mm, 115mm,117mm
Layers: Normally it ranges from 8-12 layers, or as customers' requirements


No glue penetration
High-strength and light-weight
Flexibility fiberglass fabric
Excellent bonding property and heat resistance
Strict detection, inspection and testing

Suitable for
  • X-LOCK Fiberglass Backing Pad is used as the backing pads of flap discs ,clean and strip disc, felt disc, elastic flap disc, diamond flap disc and other abrasive discs

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