Double Leaves Flap Disc

Double Leaves Flap Disc


Material: zirconia/aluminium oxide/ceramic/calcined AO
Backing: fiberglass backing plate/plastic backing pad
Diam.: 100mm-230mm
Grit No.: 36# -320#
Max. RPM: according to standart


High stock removal rate, excellent performance and efficiency, More durable than normal flap discs and long life times, the double flap discs can effective grinding on weld surface, sand cloth adhesion with special glued. It does not easy broke. High productivity for grinding stainless, high-alloy steel, mild carbon steel, ferrous metals.

Suitable for
  • It used for grinding, deburring, polishing, weld blending, cleaning, finishing, including rust and weld removal, double flap disc is comfortable to grinding on wide surface.Suitable for every material such as stainless steel, high-alloy steel,metal or wood.

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