Non Woven Flap Disc

Non Woven Flap Disc


Name:Non Woven Flap Disc

Material :Non Woven Material

Backing :Fiberglass Backing

Type : T27, T29

Diameter :100mm,115mm,125mm,150mm,180mm,can be customized

Grit :Coarse, Medium, Fine


Strong anti-clogging performance. 5 times longer than a single nylon disc.
Non Woven Flap Disc best for deburring, edge breaking, blending, cleaning, finishing, and polishing.

Suitable for
  • Non Woven Flap Disc, also known as Surface Conditioning Flap Disc, are final choice for finish polishing&cleaning, rust removal and deburring on stainless steel surface or other metal surface.

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