Nylon grinding wheel

Nylon grinding wheel


Diameter: 2.5CM—50CM (1 inch-20 inch)
Thickness: 0.5CM--20CM (0.2 inch-8 inch)
Hardness : 2P--28P, also available on request
Particle size: 46#--3000#, silicon carbide, corundum, etc.
Color: Gray / Red / White / Black / Iron Red / Brown Red / Green / Brown, etc.
Inner hole: Various sizes of round holes / square holes / hexagon holes / fork holes, etc., can also be added with various inner tubes.
Speed: 3000/min


The high-speed polishing machine (3000 rpm) uses non-burning workpiece surface, no blackening, strong cutting force, sharp, durable, high efficiency, anti-blocking, high finish.

Suitable for
  • Range Aircraft, automotive and other parts processing, various metal workpieces surface treatment, stainless steel tableware, construction hardware, handles, hinges, door locks, plating, lighting, golf clubs, copper and aluminum products, bronze bronze plating , wood products, plastics, marble polishing, etc.

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