PVA grinding wheel/Elastic Flap Disc

PVA grinding wheel/Elastic Flap Disc


Material: Aluminium Oxide/Silicon Carbide/Zirconia Alumina/ Ceramic Grain
Thickness: 10mm
Grit: 60-400#
Outer diameter: 100mm
Inside diameter: 16mm
Specifications: 100*10*16, 4 inch


Bonded with special fiber materials
It has high tensile, impact and flexural strength, high grinding efficiency
Safe and convenient to use
Efficient and economical.

Suitable for
  • Widely used in cleaning welding seams, solder joints, grinding burrs, flashing edges, and repairing metal surface defects in automobiles, ships, machinery manufacturing, metallurgical chemicals, etc.

    2. It is suitable for polishing with the edges, corners and edges of stone, board and wood after cutting;

    3. It is especially suitable for repairing surface defects of stainless steel work-pieces and glass ornaments.

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